How You Like Me Now Don!

Wow, what a turn of events this has turned out to be. Remember when King Don Sweeney cut ties with Claude Julien last week? I knew Claude Julien would become a king again quickly but I wasn’t thinking this quickly. My word, Claude Julien is now the head coach(King) of the Montreal Canadiens Boston’s biggest rival. Yep, you heard it right. Michel Therrien is no longer the head coach of the most storied franchise in NHL history as he has been replaced by King Claude Julien.

What a world wind of events. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it myself. I see this is the response for the Habs’ poor play the last few weeks and the fact that they have been giving up 3 or more goals on a consistent basis, while Carey Price was in net (I know he’s on my fantasy team and is screwing up my goalie stats).

It’s good to see King Julien get his throne back. But wow this is craziness.

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