Time is Ticking on Claude

Coming into this new week, the Boston Bruins are on a 4 game losing streak and have only scored six goals. Five of which came in the game against the Red Wings where they held two different three goal leads. It’s not looking good for the Bruins and quite frankly it won’t get any better.

The Bruins are a young team, especially on the backend and the young guys haven’t developed the way most thought they would and King Julien is getting frustrated by the struggles of the team. Just take a look at the Blackhawks who won 1-0 last Friday and you see the GWG set up by two of the Hawks young players.

Everything isn’t all bad, David Pastrnak is doing well and will continue to do well along with Marchand. But you have to come back to reality and see that the heart and soul of your team Patrice Bergeron is not having a prototypical year with only 21 points (10 G, 11 A).  

Not much to hope for if you are a Boston Bruins’ fan. The only thing to be hopeful for is wait for the debut of Charlie McAvoy who led Team USA to a gold medal at the World Juniors.


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