5 Things to Watch for at the Start of the Season

The Bruins are in a transitional phase right now as they try to remodel their team to the changing game of getting younger and faster at all positions on the ice. Even though they still have some very good top end talent here are some things to look for going into the season. 

  1. How will Zdeno Chara hold up? It has been well documented that Chara is getting slower each and every year and his play has diminished significantly since 2013. There are some who feel he plays a little too much because of his inability to keep up with players despite his reach.
  2. Who is going to step up on the backend and take on a larger role? Dennis Seidenberg is now gone and there are some solid defensemen on this team besides Chara and Krug but who is going to step into the role Seidenberg filled when he was playing well for this team?
  3. Is Krejci going to stay healthy? David Krejci is a good center who can pile up assist with the best offensive players in this league but the problem is he gets hurt quite a bit and this team seems to struggle when he’s not in the lineup.
  4. What will David Backes contribute? The Bruins signed Backes to a 5 year deal at the start of free agency. He is 32 and his point production has diminished. Will he be able to find the form of when he was scoring 30 goals and putting up 60 points a season?
  5. Will this team make the playoffs/Is this the last year for Claude Juilen? This is the year the Bruins need to make the playoffs in order for Julien to feel somewhat safe to keep his job next year. When King Don Sweeney took over there was much speculation that Julien would be fired after subpar performances by the Bruins since winning the Cup in 2011.

What are you looking out for at the start of the season?

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