Why ProSportsKings? Why now?

I am infatuated with sports, all sports.  I love the human drama and struggle associated with competition amongst the worlds top athletes.  Specifically, team sports interests me most because of the collaboration and synchronicity needed for success amongst these top athletes, who, mind you, show us all they have in front of millions of eyeballs.  (Think of the pressure!)

We, in the United States, are spoiled because we have four really fun games represented by “major” leagues with teams that compete at exceptionally high levels…and man, it’s entertaining as hell! 

Behind the scenes of these compelling real-time dramas of human struggle and yes, survival, are men of incredible smarts … and means.  For the most part, these individuals are men, and these men (and a few women) are what ProSportsKings.com is about.  These individuals are Kings.  Kings of sport.  Kings of business.  It’s one and the same because we all know, sports is business!

To compete on this playground, the owners of these professional teams have to be filthy rich, a wonderful expression that doesn’t even adequately describe the net worth of these kings.  And of course, when you’re a filthy rich professional sports team owner, you’re a very interesting individual….an individual who needs to be studied and discussed more than what’s covered today by other media.

Sports teams have long been toys of the rich and elite: fans of Chicago sports have been keeping track of King Jerry Reinsdorf (Bulls, White Sox) for years.  New Yorkers have been, ahem, inquisitive of King James Dolan (Knicks, Rangers) and his moves. 

But in recent we’re seeing a changing of the guard amongst ownership ranks in the professional sports game.  Either because of the media, or the man, we are seeing different behaviors from kings.  Dallas Cowboys King Jerry Jones is a bold, dignified, gritty competitor…and known to everyone. Internet wiz-kid Mark Cuban of the NBA’s Mavericks practically sits on the team bench and gets into riffs with refs!  Both kings are out-spoken.  Both kings love and want the limelight.  Both kings want to win…badly.  Both kings are fascinating to watch!  

But what’s changed most in the pro sports landscape in the last few years is you…you want more coverage and information about your team.  You want more insight and rationale to what’s happening in the executive suite that