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HEY...welcome!  Thanks for your interest serving as a Content Manager for  

If you’re like me, you track the year’s calendar through the ebb and flow of your favorite professional sports team.  I grew up in San Francisco so in the late fall I’m rooting my beloved Niners to get the number one draft pick (HA…uugh), then I get excited as the Giants start to throw it around in Arizona come February, which takes me to the start of the Niners regular season again in late summer.  All the while, the Warriors are racking up wins and hopefully notching more titles.  I’m watching it all, and am enthralled by it all.  If you’re like me, following your favorite teams and those who make the moves is habitual and mesmerizing.  

If you are off-the-charts crazy for professional sports, and you want to have fun as a digital journalist covering your favorite teams for a fast growing media business, then perhaps you’ll love contributing to  Being a fan isn't enough today, being an activist is what we need to watch our kings and keep them in check!


What is the mission of (PSK) is a new, dynamic digital destination covering upper management in professional sports – owners, general managers, and head coaches who manage and operate our favorite teams. PSK is the only digital media destination entirely focused on putting a spotlight on the titans who run our favorite teams, while also providing a platform for fan engagement, entertainment, and activism.

Why do we need  As we know, professional sports are BIG business.  The 32 NFL teams are worth a collective $63 BILLION (Forbes).  In the NBA, the 2014/15 NBA season saw 30 teams generating $5.2 billion in revenue with the average team valued at $1.25 BILLION.  The story of financial strength and growth is also consistent with baseball and hockey.  Professional sports are huge and getting “huger” - and todays fan wants more and deeper coverage of those who run their teams. provides the intelligent, rabid sports fan entertaining, insightful, and intriguing coverage of the true kings of professional sports in each of the major leagues: the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.  

What will I be doing as a Content Manager at  You will take the steering wheel and drive the car as a Content Manager (CM) responsible for creating and curating content for the kings who run your favorite pro sports teams.  As you can see, the PSK site is constructed by regional communities that cover all pro teams in that area and our CMs are assigned to the regions we serve.  As a CM, you will be writing posts, polls, trivia, GM report cards, and other content to create a strong community for your readers.  That kind of hands-on experience is what you will need to catapult you to a real job down the line with someone who can pay you more than (which, by the way, is nothing...sorry).  Or, we’ll all be so successful we’ll start making money and this will be a paying job!  (And, you’ll get to say you were in early at PSK!)  

How long is the committement as a CM?  A minimum of 12 weeks is what you should dedicate to get strong sports journalism experience, but your involvement can be longer based on your interest in your PSK work.  And, you can start any time based on your schedule.  

The site looks pretty lame right now, what up?  Yup, it sure's nothing we're proud of but that will change quickly.  We're making it public so you can get a feel for what we're doing...go ahead and peruse the different regions and get a taste of what our great CMs are producing as there's great content inside the site.  Each and every week the site will start looking more and more like a solid place to hang around - for both avid, activist fans, and a place where you the talented, opinionated sports writer can contribute through a unique lens for sports. 

Where are the CM jobs based?  As a digital business, is virtual which means you’ll be working virtually.  However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be directed – you’ll be mentored actively and receive real experience as a contributor to an early stage business.

In which regions will PSK first focus?  The regions covered by PSK will map to the largest U.S. cities and areas where fan passion is exceptionally high: we’ll first cover teams in Boston, Chicago, LA, Miami, New York, and the SF Bay Area - we’ll launch elsewhere when we’re good-n-ready!!!.  But when we do launch elsewhere, it'll probably next be in Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Phoenix...cuz there's a ton of activists like you in those regions!

Tell me more about this Content Manager thing, what does that really mean?  A CM is the beating heart of the site’s regional communities who create content for multiple pro teams in the area.  If you’re covering Chicago, for example, you’re creating a lot of content about Jerry Reinsdorf, Theo Epstein, Tom Ricketts, and John Paxson, amongst others.  Here are the required skills and capabilities needed for CM success:

  1. You have a strong, unique opinion and can create compelling posts and headlines that reflect your unique opinion.
  2. You’re a social media machine.  The way to get your content read is to promote it.  Get it through the pipes: tweet it, Facebook it, put it on Insty.  Push it out. 
  3. You are an original thinker: as a CM responsible for what gets created and published, you’ll need to know how to think and research so your posts can be as strong and distinctive as possible.

How does the application process work?  If you’re ready to move forward, you’ll need to complete this online application.  It will take approximately 10 minutes.  Should you be selected to move forward in the process, a 20-minute video interview will be scheduled.  


Because I am deeply passionate about Pro$, I am deeply appreciative of your interest here...thanks for dropping by, I hope to see your application come through the system soon!

Michael Hess

Founder/CEO LLC

December 1, 2016